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Happy 60th Birthday Wendy (Taken on 'The Ghan June 2005)

Dave & Wendy in Scotland, August 2003

The new member of the Laing Gang...


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On 29th November, 2007, the Laing Gang moved house

Below is our latest photo gallery of our new 'Loch Tay' at Roxburgh Park, Victoria, Australia.

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Loch Tay    


Kynda is so relieved that 'Santa came!'

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There is a lovely Norse legend that tells of one's pets going to "Rainbow Bridge"

These four-pawed members of the Laing Gang are at Rainbow Bridge

Kilty went to Rainbow Bridge March 2001

King (back to camera) went to Rainbow Bridge May 2002

Kong (on top of King) went to Rainbow Bridge April 2003

Kasper went to Rainbow Bridge 21 November 2003

Our' four musketeers' are now playing together once again!

Click on the Rainbow picture and you will be taken to the site which explains the legend of Rainbow Bridge


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