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 Laing's Latest October 2014

Photo show of Wendy & Dave at the recent Australian Transplant Games in

Melbourne, Australia 2014

Wendy Donated a Kidney to hubby, Dave 3 years ago! The Games experience was

a very moving one, and enjoyable too. Hope you like the show.

Click on the link below to view:

Australian Transplant Games


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10 April 2009

Wendy's Stores!

The audio versions of Wendy's books are available at

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Some of the audio versions and printed book version of Wendy's books are now available world wide on Amazon! Please click on the following link to browse the Readers Eden & Amazon aStore!





13 April 2006

Yes, it's a good month!

'Flowers from the Grave'

Now published in paperback.

Click on the booksurge link to buy the printed edition of this popular book.

03 April 2006

'Sir Henry, the Knight in Space'

now published as an E-book


 The ghost of Sir Henry de Bohun from the 14th century is accidentally beamed up into a spaceship in 3000AD- that's when the fun begins.

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'Mirror, Mirror...' now published as a trade paperback book!

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Mirror, Mirror

By Dalziel Laing

(The pen name of co-authors Dianne Dalziel & Wendy Laing)

 Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
ISBN: 1-920972-28-5
Binding: Trade Paper

142 pages


"Mirror Mirror…" is a mystery story with two parallel tales. One tale covers a century. It is the history of the Tremble's, Roger's family. Set in Melbourne, Australia, it gives a graphic insight into the psyche of 'Roger' the serial killer. The other tale covers the timeframe of a week. It follows Inspector Georgina Borg's pursuit of a serial killer.

Available now in paperback from Amazon

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A visit from Cap'n Angus?


-----Original Message-----
From: Ted R. Blasingame 
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 7:02 PM
To: Amy Howard Wilson
Subject: A Visit from Cap'n Angus!

Hi, Amy.

Well, that sure was interesting....

I have been listening to your book-on-CD of "Cap'n Angus, The Lighthouse
Ghost" a little at a time while I'm on the treadmill, using headphones to
enjoy the story while I work out, so that makes this all the more

Eileen and I were in the dining room having our supper this evening when we
heard a loud roaring coming from the middle bedroom. We both got up, very
perplexed, and went in to see what was making the noise. It almost sounded
like drilling in the back yard, but when we tracked down the roar, it was
the treadmill, going full tilt.  Neither of us had used the treadmill in
several days, and neither of us had even touched the machine, but there it
was going out full, while in its folded up position up against the wall.

I shut it off and looked at Eileen with wide eyes.  Neither of us had an
explanation for what had just occurred, so I just shrugged my shoulders and
told her it must have been a sign from Cap'n Angus that I needed to get on
the treadmill tonight and listen in on his tale some more.

After I've let my supper settle a bit, I think I'll take the hint and get on
the treadmill....

Wow! that's spooky, Ted!

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'Severance Packages'

March 2005: Audio book now in production! (this is the sequel to 'Flowers from the Grave')

The second book in the Inspector Jane Doe series has finally been written by Wendy Laing, and the talented Amy Howard Wilson, is currently recording the audio book! The prequel, 'Flowers from the Grave' is very popular with readers around the globe, with excellent reviews.

'Jane Doe investigates the macabre serial killings in the normally sleepy town of Sunbury. Jane meets a stranger at the local tip and realises that she is communicating with the ghost of the victim, whose body parts the police are searching for! The victims ghost describes his own death, and reveals some information about his killer. When the victim's last body part is found, his ghostly form disappears. Can Jane solve the murder without revealing that she has communicated with the dead?'

November 2004 -  'Flowers from the Grave'

E-book version Published by Writers Exchange

Check out my Writers Exchange page to read an excerpt and to buy the E-book version as a download or as a CD - to save your PCs hard drive space - not to mention that the CD makes a lovely present or keepsake!

Wendave audio Books now selling on Ebay Australia, EBay USA and and through the Bookstore at

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Newspaper Articles

Click on the thumbnails images to read the article about Wendy in the Sunbury Telegraph  Newspaper

Tuesday 7 October 2003 page 1 & 14

Article by Alex Kirkham, photos by Arlene Sachon

copyright Faifax newspapers 2003


Front page! Picture Arlene Sachon, Article Alex Kirkham

Copyright © John Fairfax Holdings Ltd 2000

Page 14 Article Alex Kirkham, picture Arlene Sachon

Copyright © John Fairfax Holdings Ltd 2000



Reader Review of  'Mirror, Mirror...'

Mirror, Mirror by  Dalziel Laing (co-authored by Wendy Laing and Di Dalziel)

 A Reader’s Review by Linda Green  (E-reader in the UK) Feb 2005

The story begins in a very interesting way, giving us background into the main characters, however the way this is done – threaded gradually between the other chapters – is captivating and starts to paint a picture that helps us to understand exactly what is going on.  Or so we think.

I have to admit that halfway through the novel I started to believe that the ending was obvious because as far as I could see we knew exactly who the killer was from the outset.  His name had not been held back and the evidence was indisputable.

I could not believe the shock of discovering that I didn’t really have a clue as to who it was until this salient point was disclosed to the reader through the investigative work of the detectives involved in the case.  Even then it took quite a while to slowly dawn on me who we were actually talking about – they needed to be certain before they could reveal the true identity of the murderer. 

The story gradually unfolded chapter by chapter, with a little more historical information and background inter-twined just for good measure and just as we finally thought we had the ending all wrapped up and the story was over, another little nugget was thrown in to give us a final understanding of one man’s power over his family and everyone around them.

This was a novel that gripped you from the start, holding your interest and making it hard to put down.  Gradually as I read more and more, I really began to know the characters as they began to show themselves to me.  To me they were real people with real lives and real pasts.  I wanted to believe that they also had real futures and the end of the novel tied up the lose ends nicely, explaining what happened to each of them. For me this is something that I need and rarely feel I get when a story ends and we are left wondering where they all went and what is going to happen to them.

This is a novel definitely worth reading.



New Review

Reviewer: Jennifer LB Leese,
Publisher: Wendave,
Release: 2002
ISBN: 0-9580814-0-9

Written using The Cape Otway Lighthouse in Victoria, Australia, Laing's book, creditable as a teaching aid, educates readers about pioneer history in Australia. Readers follow along with two children, exploring through a magic time travel tunnel with an old Scottish sea captain. Available as a CD ROM audio book, this reviewer enjoyed sharing this absorbing book with her three children (Australia descent).


I'm indebted to Tracey, who sent me this lovely 'review' of "Flowers from the Grave' Audio book version. A good reader's review is like receiving a gold star! Thanks Tracey & thankyou Amy for such a grippingly great narration of my story!

Dear Wendy,
I finished your book "Flowers From the Grave" last night. I have to say that it has been a pleasure driving to work each morning listening to the suspense of this book. If it was a paperback I think I would have stayed home to read it all!! I didn't guess the killer until the last possible moment before it was revealed and for me that is fantastic! 
Thank you for such a wonderful adventure. I have now started "Cock of the Walk". So hurry up with the next one coz it doesn't seem like an hours drive to work whilst listening to your books!! Too Happy
My mother - in - law is now listening to Flowers from the Grave I heard it this morning. I want to also say that it is refreshing to be able to listen - read a book that is not full of sex as well! Thank you for that too. It just goes to prove that a story can be told without all that stuff involved! My Mum - in - law will appreciate that as well.Thumbs Up
(REVIEW) - Sorry the above was just babble!!!
Gripping story....edge of your seat suspense...very well told....made long drives too work very enjoyable....can't wait for the next instalment

Warmest Regards



Another Reader/Listener review

Reader review of audio poetry CDs

01 April 2004

 Wendy,  I just wanted to let you know that I have had a most enjoyable morning listening to the cd's "Mind's Eye" & "Under the Coolabah tree",  both are great,  It is most unusual that you enjoy all the items on any CD, but this one I have.  Thanks   Lynne

Latest Reader/Listener review (edited excerpts of email)

17 June 2004

[I] would like to say that my 'cool' and ruff, tuff 10 year old boy was less than enthusiastic when I showed him the CD's..........BUT last night at 11.30pm (...... on a school night!) he was under the blankets listening to them, saying 'it's not my fault, I couldn't turn them off - they were too exciting'!!!!
Thankyou so much and what a delightful gesture to sign them! 


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