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sadly missed (passed away April 2016 at 14 1/2 years!

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 Wendy Laing
MA, BA. Dip T.
(& part time piano player/composer!)
           An Australian writer, part-time housewife with a Teaching Diploma, a Bachelor of Arts Degree (majors Professional Writing, Communications) and a Master Of Arts (project/thesis) titled: 'Severance Packages: A crime / paranormal novel and Exegesis focussing on the Electronic and Digital publication of Creative Writing'.
Wendy's a 'Jill of all trades' as she has been a teacher, curriculum consultant a travel consultant/manager, ground staff at Melbourne International airport for Flying Tiger airline, and Cathay Pacific Airways (airport & city ticket office), and a hobby was a professional dog trainer. Upon retirement from Cathay, she went back to University obtaining her under grad BA and and post grad Masters degrees. She has recently revived her piano skills and has composed two pieces, utilizing her writing skills with Lyrics. Check out her Aussie Anthem  further down the page! Another 'hobby' of Wendy's is Genealogy.
Wendy and her husband, Dave have recently discovered that they are distantly related! (19th cousins) They both have the same Royal Heritage ancestors. Please feel free to explore the link to their 'MyHeritage' site by clicking on the photo of them at Arrochar, Scotland, above!
Widowed late 2016, Wendy lives with her four-pawed family, Vicky, a loveable Black Greyhound and much loved dog in a retirement estate at Roxburgh Park, Victoria, Australia.
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Wendy's Books:

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 Children's Books

Captain Angus, the Lighthouse Ghost  (E-book,  Audio book & Paperback)

Sir Henry, the Knight in Space (E-book & Audio book)


Poetry Books

Under the Coolabah Tree (E-book, Audio book & Paperback)

Mind's Eye (E-book, Audio book & Paperback)


Adult Mystery books

Flowers from the Grave (E-book & Audio book & Paperback)

Cock of the Walk (E-book, Audio book & Paperback)

Mirror, Mirror (co-authored as Dalziel Laing -E-book & Paperback)

Severance Packages ( E-book, Audio book & Paperback)

Haunted Heart ( E-book &Paperback)

Cadavers' Cave (Finished, and with the publisher - So watch this space!)

The Ghostly Gum (finished, and with the publisher - so watch this space!)


Tarmac Tales co-authored with hubby, Dave Laing PUBLISHED ebook & large Print paperback!


Wendy's Writing (Short stories & Poetry Collection) (finished, and with the publisher - So watch this Space!)



Wendy's next factional book project is a factional book, based on her Grandfather, John (Jack) McFarlane's experiences in the Boer War, as 'told' by the Boer Carbine that he captured! it's called:

Kaleidoscope (Currently being researched. The carbine is housed at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, ACT, Australia, where Wendy donated it, together with her grandfather's Queen's medal & clasps, and photo and a Mafeking ribbon!)

(A book in progress, so watch this space!)




Wendy's Music:

You can listen / print & enjoy her music further down the page

please note the music is copyright 2013



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Yarra, Yarra Waltz / Donor Dance (Orchestration) - 
Composed as the Yarra, Yarra Waltz, but also known as the Donor Dance,
to celebrate my successful kidney donation to
my husband, Dave in 2011! click on the title below:
I Belong! (Orchestration) 
This is my latest piece, reflecting how I feel about returning to my homeland,
Australia - /where I belong! Click on the title to hear it!
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By Wendy Laing

 A fun kids ghost adventure, based on the Cape Otway Lighthouse station

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'Captain Angus, the Lighthouse Ghost' is about two children holidaying at the Cape Otway Lighthouse Station, Victoria Australia - they meet the ghost of an old Scottish Sea Captain, and that's when the fun begins.


 E-Book or Audio book or Paperback  



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(second edition) 10 new poems added!

Australian bush poetry.

Sometimes rowdy & always full of Australian humour.

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'FLOWERS FROM THE GRAVE'  (Book 1 Jane Doe series)


The first in the exciting mystery paranormal series featuring Inspector Jane Doe, head of the Melbourne Special Homicide Squad.


E-book, Audio book & Paperback  click to buy

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ISBN 0-9580814-1-7


 The ghost of Sir Henry de Bohun from the 14th century is accidentally beamed up into a spaceship in 3000AD- that's when the fun begins.


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 An imagery of remembered scenes from Wendy's life.

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ISBN 0-9580814-5-X

This audio book CD set is an intriguing mystery is set in Wendy's former home town of Sunbury, Victoria, Australia, amongst the surrounding vineyards of the Sunbury Wine region featuring Detective Inspector Andy McNab.


E-book, Audio book or Paperback

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by Dalziel Laing

(co-authored with Di Dalziel) under the penname Dalziel Laing.

It's an exciting murder mystery/thriller, set in Melbourne, Australia. Two parallel tales, one spanning 100 years, the other one week, finally merge as Detective Inspector Georgina Borg desperately tries to catch a serial killer.

E-book or Paperback   

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Vale: Di Dalziel

04-04-1949 � 22-04-2003

Tragically, my co-writer for this book, Di Dalziel did not see its publication. She died suddenly at her property, whilst walking around the paddocks on a beautiful autumn day.

One of her favourite pastimes was to visit me each Friday. We would spend the afternoon watching and analysing videos, whilst eating a pull-apart loaf amply topped with different dips! This was a tradition started in University days, when we analysed films in Film studies for professional writing.

The last series we watched was Di's declared favourite show, as it was romantic, funny, and included time travel. The plot of the English television series, starring Nicholas Lyndhurst, like this book, Mirror, Mirror �contained parallel tales that merge at the end of the plot. The title of this show is apt for her epitaph, both as a dear and loyal friend and co-author: Goodnight Sweetheart.

Wendy Laing

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'SEVERANCE PACKAGES' (Book 2 Jane Doe Series)


This the second of the Featuring the irrepressible Inspector Jane Doe. The book was part of Wendy's Master's degree project. Inspector Jane Doe series. Another  paranormal mystery with chopped up bodies found at a winery & the local tip in Sunbury, Wendy's former home town!

E-book, Audio Book or Paperback   

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'HAUNTED HEART' (Book 3 Jane doe Series)

The next of this exciting Inspector Jane Doe series is at the publisher & coming out soon!



Inspector Jane Doe is thrust into one of the most puzzling cases of her career. Oliver confides to Jane, information about a small girl who is a new patient. The girl has ghostly dreams of violence and murder. Is this girl's life at threat? Or is there an undiscovered murder of the donor of her new heart? Jane finds the "Haunted Heart" giving her horrifying clues! This tale is set in Wendy's home town of Roxburgh Park!


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Cadavers' Cave  (Book 4 Jane Doe Series)

A body is found in a cave at the base of the cliffs below the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse, in Victoria, Australia. The body was located in a cave, and has been there for over a year. This is the first cold case for Jane's new Cold case Squad. It proves to be a fascinating and sad story, as they gradually trace back in time, to find the victim's identity. They  need to find her killers, as it becomes obvious that her husband, who was convicted and put into prison is not guilty! 


The Ghostly Gum  (Book 5 Jane Doe Series)

Currently being written - so watch this space!

(The final cover is coming!!!)

The Ghostly Gum is the fifth book in the mystery/paranormal Jane Doe series.

Detective Chief superintendent Jane Doe has a formidable list of Special Cold Cases on her desk. This new case involves an unsolved unidentified person who has been murdered seventeen years earlier! It proves not only to be a perplexing case, but also an exploratory challenge for all involved as the case as the squad try not only to identify the victim, but sort out the relevant suspects who are involved in money laundering, drugs & family feuds.




Tarmac Tales


By Wendy & Dave Laing




Wendy & Dave Laing have a total of 52 years' experience with Airlines, in Passenger, Cargo, and dealing with Cargo Agents, Passenger Agents, Crew, Catering, and all the less obvious elements that make up the Airline Industry. They have changed names of the characters involved to keep their anonymity.

All the tales are based on fact. People who know them personally will know the names of the airlines for which they worked. This is a collection of experiences, both funny, sad and entertaining, giving you an enlightening behind the scenes peep of this amazing industry.

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